Wico series 500 width constraining barriers launch

Wico Series 500 width constraining barriers

After many months of development and testing we are now excited to launch our Wico series 500 width constraining barriers to market and at the same time launch our website. The barriers were developed to meet the market need to constrain unwanted access of wider vehicles but at the same time allow cars to pass through unimpeded, more details on our technical page.

The unique bearing system within the barriers will allow one handed ability to open the barriers whenever required. In the open position the barriers meet the required width for emergency vehicles.

Much thought has been given to the harsh environment that the barriers will have to operate in. As a result of our research all our barriers been galvanised and have a tamper proof locking mechanism as standard. The standard configuration is a manual opening system, but a host of automatic controls come as an option. We also offer the option of a buried or surface mounted systems.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you secure your facility from unwanted wide vehicle access.